So.. 2017 might be a nothing year for travelling...

but there were other things I could do with my time and another use for Albert. Support vehicle for the galloping granny 😮

Wearing the vest of the fabulous Phabkids, the charity that I run for

In the beginning....

In 2012 I had my fifth and last surgery for cancer. Physically I was shattered, so unfit I could barely walk a kilometre before being totally exhausted. It was a bit of a worry to me but hey-ho, let's not let worry get between me, slothfullness and a glass of wine!

As the surgeon prepared me for the latest bit of facial sculpture, a bit more flesh and bone to be removed from somewhere inside my mangled nose and sinuses, I mumbled something rather stupid. Mumbling stupid things is a skill that I have developed to an art form but even for me this was outrageously silly. 

I promised him that if he got me out of this mess then I would run a marathon for him. Before collapsing in hysterical laughter he gave the nod to the anaesthetist and I drifted off into a place where my mouth could no longer dig holes that even for me was pretty spectactular 🙂




4 years later

For a couple of years I couldn't run, first because delicate grafts inside my head had to heal and secondly because every time I tried I fell over and hurt myself. Eventually, by mid-2016 I had found the shoes, orthotics and physio that allowed me to run for more than a couple of miles without injury. 

My first running event, a 10k in September 2016, went rather well which is my-speak for "I didn't injure myself".   Time to get serious.

Finally in January 2017, my second event, and there was confidence.

The London winter 10k on a cold January Sunday.

Flushed with that unexpected success.....

Albert! Next stop Brighton!

The Brighton 1/2 Marathon. Well, for most it was 13.1 miles.  I bravely camped 2.5 miles from the start only to find all the public transport that could have taken me to the venue had been diverted due to silly people running around the place.  Well, why not add an extra 5 miles to it 🤪

A cold, blustery day and disaster struck right from the beginning!  My hair band broke and rain, wind and me puffing and wheezing did it's worst!

A bad hair day in Brighton

So... next stop, the big one.....

The 2017 London marathon. A glorious day but high drama 11 days earlier when chasing after one of my dogs on my local beach at home I slipped, rammed my foot between two rocks and broke the fifth metatarsal of my right foot.

6 weeks rest was ordered. No choice but to pull out of the Marathon,  or was there no choice? I could not just give up on months of hard training.

Amazing what you can do with moleskin, bio freeze, toes taped together and a convenient mental aberration. I will not try to deny it hurt but then, what's adrenalin for? 

In June I had my regular post cancer follow up with the surgeon I had made that rash promise to.   I had a nice medal to show him.

A nice piece of bling

It does not stop there though ....

A few more runs in 2017 but a ticking time bomb was about to explode. As I finished the Brighton 1/2 so something dodgy started to give me pain in my foot. By August I could barely walk. It was the start of an 18 month battle with Plantar Fasciatis caused by a bio mechanical problem, itself a result of the ridiculous pounding and accumulation of injuries that my body has taken over the years.

Running, and almost walking, nearly became impossible. 

Where I am now I do not know. I am receiving treatment for the calf and tendon problems causing it but it is proving stubborn. However I did manage the 2018 Cardiff 10k running for Phab and I have a place in the 2019 London Marathon. I am hopeful.

Cardiff 10k

Now ... A little ask....

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My virtual begging bowl for PhabKids. They do a wonderful job, 2019 is a whole new year of the Galloping Granny begging bowl....


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