Hello there. My name's Max and welcome to my blog.

I'm leaving Max to write the blog. I know where the doggie treats are kept so I will just help myself whilst Max thinks he is being ever so bright and bossy.


I share my life with my very best friend Bella. She can be a bit daft and scatty at times but she is not stupid and great fun.

We both live with Mum and aunty Jen in a nice house near to the beach on the West Sussex coast.

Mum is Jo, aunty Jen's Sister, and sometimes we all go away in Albert although Mum has to stay in a B&B as there is not room for the four of us.

Aunty Jen sometimes takes me, or very occasionally both of us, away on her trips so Bella and I thought we would have our own blog.

She's not very good at writing so has left it to me.

When Auntie Jen changed Albert for Alfie she naturally asked me to model for her.  After all, Bella would be all disguised with these colours.